Seventh Example – Sample Network

If the Project Manager wants to know options for the costed project schedule, what should the Project Planner provide? Read on to see how all key information can be provided through the #TimeCostCurves program.

Figure 1: Setup the schedule for producing the TimeCostCurve.

Figure 2: Normal conditions schedule.

Figure 3: TimeCostCurve with task ID data points

Figure 4: TimeCostCurve with fully crashed data point

Advise based on TimeCostCurve program
Schedule: Duration (days): Cost ($): Remarks:
Normal schedule 41 days $127,500
Least-cost schedule 30 days $123,400
Least-time schedule 25 days $129,500
Fully-crashed schedule 25 days $140,700 The added cost compared to the least-time schedule is wasted since the critical path cannot be further shortened.

Figure 5: Least-time schedule