2019-07-21 17:33

Second Example

Figure 1: Setup schedule for cost-time curve

Figure 2: Normal schedule

Figure 3: At third step, manually enter 2 (for ID 2, cost $100) rather than automated selection of 3;4;5 costing $140.
NB. Method is by inspection: check step cost per automated calculations against other activities that could be crashed. If automated cost is greater than other options, press Undo, then run the program again and manually enter the required Task ID to proceed.

Figure 4: 18-day, least-duration schedule

Figure 5: Curve showing least-cost schedule (costing $7,780 at 22 days) and least-duration schedule (costing $8,100 at 18 days)

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Third Example Figure 1: Setup the schedule for producing the cost-time curve Figure 2: Normal schedule: the project manager may assess the project plan as being