*Wanting BuysYouTime.mpp for 12 months?*

2023 Pricing for a 12-month subscription in various currencies:

399 USD or 570 AUD or 342 EUR or 285 GBP or 627 NZD

Payment Processing in Three Steps:

1. Account:

- For people on Wise.com, find me by email address: scharrid@gmail.com

- Otherwise: please send email with this subject, nominating your currency:

To: scharrid@gmail.com

Subject: Want to buy BuysYouTime.mpp in ??? currency

We will respond with a link to pay within 2 business days.

2. Payment is accepted in any currency supported by Wise, including at above prices (other currencies are available - price will be confirmed upon request):

- For people on Wise.com: Please input your email address in the 'Message to Payee' or equivalent (depends on your bank). No other text except your email address, thanks.

- Otherwise: follow instructions as per link that you will receive from us.

- For people on Wise.com: Provided you input your email address, we will reply within 2 business hours with the download link.

- If your email address is not provided with the payment, please email scharrid@gmail.com requesting your purchased BuysYouTime.mpp upon which we shall reply within 2 business days with the download link.

- Otherwise: upon receipt of payment, we will respond with a download link within 2 business days.

On Wise or otherwise, if our reply is not sighted, please check your Spam Folder.