BuysYouTime.mpp - Beta release

of the scheduling engine that Buys You Time - by

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Dear Reader,

Wanting to introduce you to this software solution to the project planner's Time-Cost Problem - the problem is how to optimise your plan when there are different ways to do tasks, each requiring different times and costs. CPM developed to tackle this problem, but only if your plan incorporates *your* alternatives. To make this "NP-hard" problem a whole lot easier for you to solve, what I can offer is:

- an all-in-one MSP file -> BuysYouTime.mpp containing Apps to:

-- Import Task Options (aka Utility Data) up to 20 options per Task

-- Solve the Time-Cost Problem based on above (after you have developed your Gantt Chart). Output is a Time-Cost Curve in Excel.

-- Draw Activity-on-Arrow Charts (because they can better model your Project's network logic). Mermaid Live Editor draws it for you.

-- Develop TimeLapseGantt models (my #diyBIM method, again good for modelling logic, but also to advance the state of this #mspArt form!)

On behalf of please be invited to try it out by downloading the trial version of BuysYouTime.mpp, and then (naturally!) progress on to paying for the 12-month version for US$399 (&/or kindly let me know any feedback by reply, or *here*). By the way, and by design, all the Apps powering BuysYouTime.mpp are contained within it, so that all you need is MS Project and Excel. 

I'm attempting to directly reach out from one project planner to another with a useful and (I say) unique set of tools built to solve the broadest of project planning problems and in so doing saving you and your projects days and dollars. The product is a singular .MPP file only so there is no interference to your existing setup or workflow, and it offers many shortcuts as you develop self-contained, complete, logical, mathematical, optimal and visual representations of your project network model(!) 

Thanks in advance for your interest and please consider forwarding on to your project planners as you see fit.