Space Mission Bridge-TimeLapseGantt-1sec=1week November 3, 2023 Mining Venture 20th C 1sec=4weeks Manchester Unity Building 1932 1sec=1week September 6, 2023 Manchester Unity Building 1932 1sec=1day September 6, 2023 Project Planning Paradigms August 18, 2023 Want a dual view of the timelapsegantt chart? Oh AND base it on the project BQ AND add in the milestones so we can tick ’em off, OK? Yep, here we go… What if your project is basically sending a mobile piece of kit around the moon and back? Here we bring together the timelapsegantt method PLUS rudimentary user control AND risks of mission failure!?! The Sydney Harbour Bridge … but is the Coathanger on The Rocks? - no worries, just play it in reverse for how to dismantle it!?! October 15, 2021